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Firstly, contact us. Once you agree to move forward your Betterway Homes consultant becomes your personal Project Manager or liaison officer throughout the entire process.

We take away the stress and save you time once the location had been selected. We source the land and help you choose a home to suit that block and your living needs. We prefer to create through our nominated builders a complete full turnkey House and Land package meaning nothing more to spend – inside or outside. And with construction choices to get you into a home faster for immediate living and enjoyment at a fixed price and quality that’s hard to beat.

Search our locations and find a House and Land package that may suit you. Many other choices are available. Whether you are an Investor, a First Home Buyer or simply looking to relocate we can accommodate your needs.

We specialise in First Home Buyers using the tax free government grant and big savings on stamp duty. With an offer of 100% Finance with Low Deposit on all of our House and Land packages through our nominated panel of independent professional mortgage consultants.


Find out first what you really can afford to borrow saves wasting time, effort and disappointment. It’s important to know what your borrowing capacity is before you rush out looking at land and houses with unrealistic price expectations, or signing contracts to purchase and go through the buying process only to be rejected by the lenders because you can’t borrow the money.

Call us for assistance or simply complete our basic financial application form and a Mortgage Broker will advise on your expected borrowing amount. This enables you to choose a home and land that you are able to afford and be advised of the finance process towards home ownership. The mortgage and finance rates are very competitive and the 100% Finance No Deposit option could allow you to keep some or all of your current cash in the bank.

There is no charge to find out how much you can borrow. Click here to APPLY

Once you decide to proceed to home ownership you get a check list to provide all the documents required for your mortgage broker to nominate a suitable lender to provide your funding. For First Home Buyers Betterway Homes searches for the blocks of land for you to choose from. Once the land has been chosen you make a choice on the home then go to contract to purchase. The Mortgage Broker then secures the finance for you. This could take 3 – 5 weeks for final mortgage approval. You then take ownership of the land and the builder prepares for construction which generally takes approx. 4-6 months(depending on weather). Once completed, handover is completed and you move in.


About 99% of all the homes you see under construction the Buyer has signed a contract and secured finance to build it. It’s very rare for builders to build a number of homes and wait patiently for buyers to come along.

Therefore, it’s wise to go through the process of getting pre finance approval, acquiring the land then building on it. Depending on the type of home construction the process could take 6 months, or more as weather conditions plays a big part in any delays.

There are many House plans to choose from to suit your family’s specific requirements. Once you have chosen your location, the block of land, the house design and inclusions then the land and house construction contract is signed. The land settles first and you take ownership. Then the builder prepares to build the home and commences by formal application to Council

For the builder there is a lot involved which most people don’t realise such as; submit full Working Drawings and lodging a Building Application to Council and waiting for approval, Soil testing, Contour survey, Site inspection, what Site Works are required for the essential services and construction, Contract Documents, Engaging and coordinating the multiple tradespeople, Lodging progressive payment invoices to the lender, finally Liaising with Council to get final approval for occupation. However, it’s all part of the fixed price guarantee for your complete peace of mind.


One of the exciting aspects of building your own home is that you get to choose colours, fittings and fixtures to reflect your own family’s personality, tastes and needs. The builders have a full design selection to match colours and finishes and will leave you with a clear understanding of the home being built.

Having experienced hundreds of homes being built we realise that waiting for your new home can at times be anxious. That’s why you’ll have ongoing access to the professional team who will personally guide you through the process and provide expert advice.

A great range of the very latest products is available to choose from which means you can tailor your home perfectly with inclusions to suit your budget. Because at the end of the day it’s all about ensuring you are completely happy with the products you have selected in your new home!


Depending on what type of home design and construction you have chosen with all your changes finalised the purchase contract is formally documented. Along with associated prices fixed (including the price of site works), working drawings and house plan, a detailed list of inclusions of the fixtures and fittings.

Then the builder will issue a construction contract. This provides you with an opportunity to check all your requests have been included. Your Consultant will go over the contract with you and address any questions you might have.

Once you are happy with the details and have accepted the New Home and inclusions list, this document will require your signature and will be countersigned by the builder before an original set is returned to you for your records. Copies of the house & Land contract will be sent to your conveyancing solicitor, Mortgage Broker and Lender.


In accordance with your signed contract, and the 5% deposit of the total contract value has been paid by the Lender to your builder they will prepare and lodge the relevant applications for approval to the Local Council Authority.

The Lender will be notified once your builder has received your relevant approvals.


The construction of your new home can commence once the builder has received the necessary documentation and relevant council approvals. You are welcome to visit your new home throughout its construction.

You will be given contact details of your Building Supervisor and Construction Manager, both of whom are available to answer any questions you may have during construction.


‘Handovertakes place when when your home and land is finished with nothing more to be done, has been signed off by Council and ready for your occupation –  your dream becomes a reality!

You will be invited to attend a ‘final walk-through’ inspection of your home with your Building Supervisor and will present you with the Keys to your new home and you can crack open the bubbly!


You can rest assured that SmartWay Homes’ service to you will continue even after the construction process has finished. We are committed to helping you settle into your new home and to make this process a smooth and enjoyable one.

If you’re an Investor, we can screen a few local licensed letting agents and help you choose one to manage your property (Nearly all expenses are Tax Deductible). We can also recommend a certified accountant specialising in Taxation Savings through investment property ownership.

We are here to help.

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Are you wanting to purchase an investment property but don’t have enough equity or cash?

Well, don’t despair as the finance team through Betterway Homes will Help guide you to turn your financial dreams into reality, and help improve your long term financial position.

The unique offer to investors of 100% Finance at No Deposit is a fantastic opportunity to secure affordable House & Land packages which can be tailored to suit your individual circumstances. Some basic conditions do apply but you can be shown how to;

  •       Create Wealth with using other people’s money (the banks) by purchasing one or more of our investment properties and have other people pay them off for you – the tax man and tenant.
  •       Pay Off your existing home mortgage so much quicker, maybe in over half the time. How much would that save you in interest? And halve that mortgage again with a second investment property! Too good to be true? We will show you how.
  •       Keep a big portion of your hard earned tax dollars with the Governments blessing! Reduce your income tax by claiming expenses such as interest, repairs and maintenance, agents fees, council rates, insurance, travel and inspection allowances, and more, but best of all; claim depreciation as the major tax concession on the new home up to 40 years.
  •       Secure your future with an ongoing positive cash flow so you can choose to retire earlier and live comfortably. Would you like to Retire in style?

Why allow a lack of equity or cash to keep your long term financial wealth plans on the shelf.

Take Action Now and change the direction of your family’s wealth for future generations.

You do have choices. We can tell you why and how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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First Home Buyers find it hard to qualify for the 90% or 95% bank funding, mainly because they do not have a sufficient deposit required by the banks. For example a new house priced at  $400,000 requires $20,000 to $40,000 cash deposit, PLUS the establishment costs such as loan set up costs, legal fees, and sundry items can add up to another 3% of the purchase price.

Is it any wonder that First Home Buyers find it near impossible to purchase their first home. Most agree that being in the position of living pay day to pay day with very little money left over at the end of the week makes it extremely difficult to save enough to get into their first home. Especially when home prices rise faster than wage increases. Compare house prices from 10 years ago. They have mostly doubled. This is what you could miss out on – an opportunity.

Betterway Homes can help you get out of the ongoing rent trap. Lets together find you a solution to the problem plus many of the other benefits home ownership brings. Firstly, our nominated mortgage professional arranges approval for a 90% or 95% bank loan. Then the remaining 5% or 10%, PLUS establishment costs, is provided to you by another Lender at a similar interest rate as the first mortgage, which is repaid up to 7 years that suits your income.

The idea is simple. Borrow the whole lot and move into your own home and then work at paying off both loans simultaneously. Yes, in most cases the loan repayments are higher than your current rent. But it’s your own home to do what you please and you get to enjoy the financial benefits of any capital gains and keep all the profits if sold later on. And it won’t be subjected to ongoing annual rent increases with your hard earned money going towards paying off someone’s home and asset. Rents have been increasing at an average of 5.3% annually over the past 5 years but has your annual wage increases been keeping up?

The 100% PLUS finance solution makes it possible for you to get out of the rent trap and move into your very own first home. There is no better time than to Act Now especially with house prices on the rise! If you live in Queensland or New South Wales, you can also benefit from the State Governments First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) currently up to $15,000. Take it while it’s on offer. How long will it take you to save $15,000 tax free? Plus there is a massive savings on Government stamp duty.

Start today to further secure your financial future. Why should you miss out? Speak with your consultant at BetterWay Homes Now and do it the BetterWay.

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Choose one of our locations available or enquire if you have a specific area that we do not have listed. Current locations available are;

– Emu Park, Queensland
– Gracemere, Queensland
– Grafton, New South Wales
– Rockhampton, Queensland
– Zilzie, Queensland

Then choose your house design from our current portfolio of home designs.

Please contact us for assistance with choosing your house and land package, we are here to help.

New Home Buyers2018-03-27T22:03:29+10:00

If you are contemplating buying and investing in property then Now is the best time to do it because interest rates are the lowest it’s been for the past 35 years. And property prices in most areas are coming out of the bottom of the property cycle and rising. Take advantage of these opportunities to improve your personal and financial position. The first step in the process is to find out how much you can borrow. Our selected panel of financial consultants will advise you.

Whichever credit category you are in, change your life and your family’s financial future for the better starting now – apply now or contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation private consultation to determine your requirements and assess your circumstances.

Credit histories – Can you get a home loan? 

Credit is good?

If you have good credit history and a reasonable income or better why wait? Buy property now while prices are most affordable. Find out how much you can borrow as you may surprise yourself. Take advantage of the low priced property market before prices really start to take off which is not too far away. Action Now is advised.

Credit not so good?

If you have a minor blemish on your credit history that you would rather forget, or have little or No Deposit and you no longer qualify for the First Home Owners Grant, then talk with us. If you think buying your own home and escaping the rent trap is an impossible dream?  Don’t give up just yet!

We may be able to help you in various ways. SmartWay homes could get your Great Australian Dream with the 100% funding package that’s on offer. There are no smoke and mirrors, no crazy interest rates, no inflation of building or land costs, just simply a fantastic opportunity for you to secure your very own New House and Land Package. Contact us today.

Credit bad?

Even if you have a really bad credit history we can still get you into your new home now but ownership of Title may take a little longer. It allows you to live in the home you want to buy now and not pay rent to benefit someone else but indirectly to yourself! This rent to buy scenario locks in the purchase price as mutually agreed between you and the Seller. It gives you time to repair and strengthen your credit file back into positive mode to be able to borrow in the future to further acquire A class assets – solid investments such as property.

History shows that property prices double every 7 – 10 years. Can you afford not to be involved?

Why rent when you can buy!

Whichever category you are in we most likely can help. Call today to find out.

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Betterway Homes has a team of finance consultants, and can arrange 100% finance with minimal Deposit on all House and Land Packages. Simply complete a quick financial application and our team will get back to you with your approved borrowing capacity. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us.

Ready for our team to assess your situation – APPLY NOW

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