Don’t have a Deposit – You can still Buy a NEW House & Land Investment Property….

How is it possible? And what’s the catch?

Don’t let the frustration of having not enough money in the bank, stop you from creating an investment portfolio. If you have equity in your current home of residence, you can use this instead of cash, as a temporary deposit. As the value of your investment increases, the need for your other equity is diminished.

If you don’t have sufficient equity in your own home – don’t worry – there are other options still available; such as purchasing property through a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), or accessing vendor finance on approved developments that we can offer you.

Invest in your family’s future today and reap the rewards in years to come. We will show you how to structure your investment so that;

  • Your home is never at risk.
  • It can be paid off years earlier.
  • A freehold home is a safe home.
  • You will never need to sell it to fund your retirement.

Regardless of your circumstances – we can make it happen.

RIGHT NOW you may be thinking, “I have no spare cash, how can i afford the cost of getting an investment property up and running?”

Good question, but remember with the family home, there is generally only one person who pays the bills, and that’s you! However, an investment property is different because the tenant and the taxman pay most ( and eventually all) of your bills; including interest and insurances. Your contribution is made only after they have contributed their share. And, If you are in a higher tax bracket, you may be surprised to learn that your contribution could infact be ZERO.

We can show you how to manage any cash-flow shortfall so that it has no impact on your current disposable income.

Let us help you – contact us or apply now for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION financial assessment.