Australian Property has consistently performed over decades
Even with the recent property downturn, property is Australia’ most popular investment. And history shows a steady growth of property prices when compared to other investments.

Below is a graph showing a comparison between the established Australian house price index (calculated by the ABS) and the All Ords figures from 1987 to 2010.

HousePrice Index Image

Australian Property is:

  • Very secure and a reliable investment (safe as houses)
  • Easy to understand & manage  (we all live in one)
  • One of the most tax effective investments available
  • Up to 90% of it is paid for by someone else!!!
  • Provides inflation proof income for life (Rent goes up with inflation)
  • Unlike shares you can insure against losses (worst case scenario)
  • You get a Triple return on your investment  i) Rental Income ii) Capital Growth iii) Tax Rebates

You may agree that property is a safe investment, but thinking whether or not it’s really possible to make money in property these days?

Here are a few questions that may help you answer the question for yourself;

  • Can you imagine people preferring to sleep in tents or without a roof over their heads?
  • Can you imagine technology producing a “new invention” to allow us to manufacture unlimited amounts of cheap, vacant land near busy metropolitan areas?
  • Can you imagine a time when people stop having children?

Think about it… Do you really think people will ever stop investing in real estate? Do you think there will ever come a time when people won’t desire financial independence?

Yes it is possible to make money on property in today’s economy and we can show you how. Contact us or apply now for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION financial assessment.