Tax Dollars are your hard earned dollars – use them to buy tax deductable assets for yourself or lose them forever…

Have you sat down and really had a hard look at how much tax you pay over a 10 or 20year period? The results may shock you!
Did you know you can use your tax dollars to help pay for your investment property? Your working hard, earning a good income, it’s time to start using your tax dollars effectively. We can show you how to utilise an investment property structure to access tax dollars that you would otherwise never see. Have a look at the table below and see how much money you are paying in tax over a certain number of years.

How much do you pay in Tax?
Based on Astralian Tax Scales 2011-12, examples don’t allow for any future changes to tax scales


I’m sure you will agree, that if you could get a certain percentage of that tax money back, you could invest it and see a return. Our team can show you how to structure your investments to make this happen – contact us or apply now for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION financial assessment and start making your tax dollars work for you.