Do you dream of Home Ownership, but no matter how hard you try and Save it always seems out of reach?

Do You have a stable job, good income but No Deposit? Are credit defaults holding you back?

Are you concerned about your family’s future with increasing rental and property prices?

BetterWay Homes has been helping ordinary Australians, just like you; achieve their dream of Home Ownership. With our Rent-To-Buy Home Ownership program it makes it possible for you to move-in into one of our homes and instead of paying rental payments you will be paying off your own home.

What’s Involved To Make This Happen

We need to have the following information to assess your eligibility;

  1. We need to know that you have a steady income, and that you have been employed full time or part time for a Minimum of 6 months.
  2. You have no serious defaults on your CRA file.
  3. That you are currently renting through a licensed Estate Agent.
  4. How many dependents you have.
  5. Your gross income available, which can also include family benefits.
  6. What expenses you currently have, such as car loans, personal loans.
  7. What if any is your credit card limit.

Your Future Depends on What You Do Today

Why continue to pay off someone else’s mortgage when you can be paying off your own. Isn’t it better to invest in your families future rather than your landlords. And how long are you going to put up with your rental property manager continually running intrusive inspections and telling you what you can and can’t do!

It’s time to take action, you have nothing to lose. We offer FREE assessment, with absolutely NO Obligation. Our team are dedicated to your privacy and will treat all communication with respect and integrity.

Contact us Today! Limited Properties are available!


  • Select your income bracket
  • Note: You are not required to be a First Home Buyer to access this opportunity
  • Anything you would like to let us know.


“From Renting for 10+ Years to Home Ownership”

“We Only Had Limited Funds Available”

“We Never Thought It Was Possible”

“There is No Better Feeling than to Own Your Own Home”